What is Virgin hair?
Virgin hair extensions are ones that come from one donor. The donor could be Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian etc but the main suppliers of virgin hair are India and China. Virgin hair is considered to be of highest quality because all cuticles are intact so the hair runs in the same direction. Top quality virgin hair is the most expensive.

What is Remy hair?
Remy Hair is Hair that comes from more than one donor but is gathered in a way that keeps cuticles in proper alignment. Donors donate hair in a ponytail to make sure cuticles run in the same direction.
One thing to keep in mind about Remy hair is that Sellers know that non-Remy hair will tangle and matte because the cuticles are not in proper alignment. They often dip it in silicone coating to try and disguise the hair as Remy hair so after a first wash the hair starts to matte and tangle.
Be careful what hair you buy!

With proper care and maintenance, hair extensions last for 3-4 applications or 9-12 months as weave installations or longer when made into a wig (1-1.5 years).
The better the quality and the better the maintenance, the longer your hair extensions will last!

Weave needs to be cleaned just like your natural hair does and this is because it picks up dirt, bad smells or debris as you carry on day to day activities (especially if you exercise regularly!). It can start to look too oily, too dry or just stringy and when it does it’s telling you to give it a good wash. Using a dry shampoo can be useful when your weave is oily however it’s always best to wash the hair.
Make sure your hair underneath is dried properly in order to avoid mildew! Also, don’t keep your weave/wig on for too long and forget to give your real hair that much needed, regular TLC!

As hair extensions have become more popular on the market, suppliers have come up with a grading system relating to specific hair quality. This makes it easier for consumers to tell the difference between high, medium, or low quality hair.
It is important to learn the factors that account for the differences in grades of hair extensions because there isn’t a Universal Standard for human hair grading. Some companies use top grades to sell low quality hair for a higher price than what it should be so make sure you know the differences, avoid confusion and spend wisely!
Here at Get Weaved we offer a range of hair at grades 7A, 8A and 10A.
Our 10A extensions are top in quality but are also top in price but will definitely help you get that Wow factor when you walk out of the salon!
Our 8A extensions are high quality, you can still achieve glamour while saving a little bit of money for your outfit!
Our 7A hair extensions will work amazingly when taken care of and maintained well, allowing you to slay on a budget.

1. Thoroughly comb it
2. Wet with warm water
3. Dip in bucket of conditioner and shampoo mix
4. Rinse out
5. Dip in bucket of hot water + conditioner and oil mix (small amount of olive/almond oil to infuse hair).
6. Leave in conditioner oil mix for between 30 minutes to 1hour.
7. Air dry
8. Style (use heat protector spray ALWAYS)

Note : If you wear your wig everyday wash it at least once every 2 weeks, if not wash it once every 10 wears.

Keeping your hair moisturized while in this style is a must! Synthetic hair extensions can dehydrate your natural hair so providing it with the food it needs will help it grow in a healthy and good condition

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